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Client Projects

Mobile Web Development

Deliver company branded web application for managing customer interactions.


Deliver integrated services and APIs for backend applications.

Web Application Development

Deliver company branded web applications for managing sales interactions.

Remote Work Positions Available

Professional Certifications

  • Training, preparation time, and testing for AWS, Azure, Salesforce Certifications is provided.

Professional SkillUp

  • Company provided training for any AWS, Azure, or Salesforce course.
  • Yearly company wide new technology training.
  • Additional work related training is provided

Health Plan

  • Kanto IT Software Health Insurance

Vacation / Paid Leave

  • Weekends/Holidays
  • New Years Leave (minimum 4days)/ Golden Week / Summer Break (minimum 3 days)
  • Maternal Leave/Paternal Leave/Bereavement Leave/Marriage Leave/Nursing Care Leave
  • Paid Vacation: 10 days for 1st year, 15 days for 3yrs+

Management Training

  • Recruit Management School

Promotion/Bonus Review

  • Promotions once per year(Intervew required)、Bonuses paid twice per year

Working Hours

  • 10:00~19:00 / 9:00~18:00 (1 hour break)


  • 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi, 1-9-10 Ark Hills Sengokuyama Tower 25F


Our employees are mainly divided into 2 different working teams client engagement resources, and services delivery team.

Our client engagement team works with the customer on creating a suitable project scope and schedule.

Project Manager Apply

Manages scope, schedule, and tracks development progress


Project Manager

“Not all projects are completed on time with the original schedule and scope. I am response for quickly detecting changes in the project, solving problems quickly, and completing the project in a way that customers and team members can agree on. It is a perfect position for those who like to interact with people and are good at organizing people.”

Architect Apply

Creates an architecture solution which can then be approved by the
customer and handed off to the delivery team.


Senior Architect

“Its a pleasure to propose the best possible solution architecture to our customers. Constant communication with customers is necessary and sometimes stressful to while working in consideration of a customer's budget, time, and system requirements. However, when the system is completed, being able to feel the customer's express gratitude and joy is the best part of the job. We are looking for someone who wants to help customers challenge new innovations and technologies based on their experiences as an engineer.”

Based on the scope and schedule created by the client engagement team, the services delivery team begins design and development.

Frontend Engineer Apply

Development of User Interface using HTML/CSS and Front-end side
technologies such as (ReactJS/AngularJS)


Frontend Engineer

“Worked on both server-side (primarily Java, etc.) and front-end (primarily Javascript, Typescript, Lightning Aura, Sass, etc.) development for various projects. Currently, I am in charge of front-end development (Javascript, AngularJS, Sass, Apex) at a life insurance company. Since my current project is using an agile development process, I can rapidly develop the UI while receiving customer feedback. I find it rewarding that I can develop with usability in mind. Also, since front end technology is changing all the time, one of the things I take pleasure in is taking the latest in technologies and implementing it into the customer's systems.”

Backend Engineer Apply

Development of system integrations, REST APIs using JAVA.


Backend Engineer

“I mainly develop on the server side using Java and SQL. In addition, I am also involved in systems that utilize cloud services such as AWS and Salesforce. Unlike front-end development, it is not directly visible to the end user, We pride ourselves on server-side development as the cornerstone for basic UI development as to best utilize the customers' data assets.”